2017 Cadillac XT5 Issues Include Transmission Complaints, Electrical Failures, and Bad Brakes - Vehicle History (2023)

Geoffrey Piehl

April 12, 2022

JD Power gave the 2017 Cadillac XT5 a three out of five reliability rating, which is average. But consumer complaints and recalls of the luxury SUV tell a different story, with reports of transmission failures, electrical failures and squealing brakes holding it back from being the pinnacle of luxury.

2017 Cadillac XT5 Issues Include Transmission Complaints, Electrical Failures, and Bad Brakes - Vehicle History (1)

Important points

  • ANDCadillac XT5 2017, formerly the SRX, has racked up nearly 70 complaints reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and one recall.
  • Bad transmission behavior, including jitter and jerk, and even transmission errors, detract from the good ride quality of the 2017 XT5.
  • Reports of electrical issues range from minor glitches in your infotainment system to issues with control modules that have resulted in complete power outages.
  • Various brake problems are also common, from annoying squeals to master cylinder failure and even a recall for leaking brake fluid from the front calipers.
  • It might be hard to see the 2017 XT5 as anything other than a high-end GMC or Chevy, but its nearly $800 average annual repair cost is a friendly reminder of its luxury price.

Jerky shifting, juddering and juddering are common owner complaints against the 2017 Cadillac XT5 transmission

Part of Cadillac's upgrades to its XT5 (formerly SRX) was a new eight-speed automatic transmission mated to GM's 3.6-liter V6 engine. However, drivers expressed disappointment with the eight-speed gearbox, while praising the car's driving quality.

DoNearly 70 complaints have been filed with NHTSA for the 2017 Cadillac XT5, a fifth are for transmission and powertrain problems. Drivers report clanking noises, odd shifting behavior, and even complete transmission failures.

Car and driver require automatic stop/start and cylinder deactivationcould contribute to the poor transmission performance of the XT5. But several Cadillac technical service bulletins indicate that these problems are more common.

XT5 owners inCadillac forums discuss similar transmission issues, especially when downshifting at lower speeds. They found that software updates to the engine and transmission control modules corrected poor shift performance.

2017 Cadillac XT5 Issues Include Transmission Complaints, Electrical Failures, and Bad Brakes - Vehicle History (2)

More tech means more electrical issues for the 2017 XT5, ranging from blanking infotainment screens to complete power outages

The addition of new electronics was among several upgrades for the 2017 Cadillac XT5. Unfortunately, the added technology brought additional issues.

Owner complaints filed with NHTSA mention:

  • Keyrings that stopped working even after repair
  • Infotainment system malfunction you forgot to initialize sat nav or radio
  • 360 degree camera is flashing

vehicle history'S2017 Cadillac XT5 Owner ReviewsAlso, mention ubiquitous electrical problems. "I bought this car as a Cadillac certified car and had electrical problems from day three," said one owner. "Bluetooth has not worked since the fifth day."

"The only real problem is the tech connection," says anothervehicle historyFrom the user. "There are glitches and the infotainment system works 60% to 70% of the time."

An owner's NHTSA report states that his vehicle fell under the Lemon Law and was repurchased by Cadillac as a result of these issues.

Among the most serious issues identified in NHTSA complaints is the complete shutdown of the 2017 XT5. The problem is being repeated by ownersCadillac-Foren,Warning of various causes of power failure problems, including faulty control modules and fuse sets.

2017 Cadillac XT5 Issues Include Transmission Complaints, Electrical Failures, and Bad Brakes - Vehicle History (3)

2017 XT5 has several reported brake issues including squeaking, master cylinder failure and a recall for front caliper fluid leaks

Despite using four-wheel disc brakes with cast iron calipers and ceramic pads, the 2017 XT5's brakes are another area of ​​concern for the vehicle.

Owners have reported squeaking noises early in their ownership experience, ranging from the day of purchase to just a few thousand miles away.

An owner shared his frustration with the car's complaints,This indicates that the rotors were fixed, the brake pads replaced, and a Technical Service Bulletin remedy applied, but the squeak persisted.

While noisy brakes are annoying on a new vehicle, this is not the 2017 XT5's worst brake problem. Owners on various forums mention that the XT5's master cylinder has failed.

As mentioned in car trouble menagerie, An owner reported an error while driving when the brake pedal touched the ground but there was no stopping power.

(Video) Cadillac XT5 problems

A possible cause of master cylinder failure could be related to a recall of front brake calipers which may have a faulty brake piston seal which could cause brake fluid leakage.

2017 Cadillac XT5 Issues Include Transmission Complaints, Electrical Failures, and Bad Brakes - Vehicle History (4)

Reported 2017 Cadillac XT5 Complaints Reveal Problems Common to a Unique Vehicle

Bases shared with vehicles like thisGMC AcadiajChevrolet-JackeIt might be all well and good for GM's engineers, but customers expecting a high-end luxury SUV might be disappointed with the 2017 Cadillac XT5.

Average annual repair costscosts nearly $800, according to Repair Pal, about 20-40% more than their Chevy and GMC counterparts.

Many probably appreciate the Cadillac XT5 simply for being an American vehicle with clean lines and modern technology. If you are one of them, you should check it out.2018Ö2019 XT5who have significantly fewer complaints and no callbacks.

Photos: Cadillac

common questions

VonStephanie Stephan| April 12, 2022

How many miles can you earn with the 2017 Cadillac XT5?

The 2017 Cadillac XT5 has a maximum fuel range of 418 miles and delivers 19/27/22 mpg city/highway/combined. Owners report driving their 2017 XT5 60,000 miles or more without incident; However, there are NHTSA complaints for the 2017 powertrain and engine that it can cause stalling and seizing under 10,000 miles.

Are Cadillac XT5 cars reliable?

The 2017-2018 XT5 received J.D. performance, and the 2017 XT5 suffers from engine and transmission failures, according to NHTSA complaints. However, the 2019–2021 models received "excellent" reliability ratings of 83/100, and the 2022 Cadillac XT5 was ranked in the Top 10 Most Reliable Cars of 2022 by Consumer Reports.

owner reviews

MessageEdit Write a comment

Lindsay h on March 28, 2022

Good comfortable ride, but electronics issues with this model.

I've had a lot of electronic issues with this car. My entire entertainment center console failed, the parking brake failed and the cooling element had to be replaced. Also, features that are supposed to be useful and technologically advanced don't seem to work consistently: Apple CarPlay works intermittently and the wireless charger doesn't work. On the positive side, the cargo space is fantastic, the car is very comfortable to drive, and nothing about the car feels cheap and plasticky. It is a very beautiful and comfortable car.

Sana B August 25, 2022


I am bringing my car in for the third time this year to get the transmission light on. First they told me to keep my hands off the shifter, then they did an update, now what? It also beeps when lifting or accelerating sporadically. I have an extended warranty but the last trip I took last week I had to replace nuts and washers on the front axles (both) which weren't covered because they don't cover nuts and such but if they had fallen off they were, they would. tackled!

(Video) Cadillac sending bad battery email ; stabilitrac , service park brake

jennifer w April 21, 2022

great car when it's running.

In 2017, much of the storage space on the front console was removed, and the front console had several mechanical issues. When the car's computer needs an "update" it doesn't know about, it seems like the whole car shuts down no matter where it is! I will say it's very comfortable and when it works well it's a smooth ride.

arena d November 5, 2021

Luxury vehicle and the price you pay.

This vehicle sometimes has engine problems, and just before the warranty expires, the problems begin. However, when the warranty expires, the more expensive repairs begin, and instead of buying a new car, we choose to pay off the vehicle to eliminate the car's monthly fee.

Scott Sturm April 2, 2022

Electrical and signaling problems

(Video) 2017 Cadillac XT5 Won't Crank or Start...1 Click...Solved...

I've had electrical issues since the 3rd. The car says "Power Steering Service". They change the thermostat housing to GM. Fourth trip and I still have a problem. Now we can add "active service system". Bluetooth has not worked since the 5th. My dealer tried his best to resolve the issue to no avail.

Rebeca November 22, 2021

Deal with some issues

On several occasions, my vehicle gave a thump when I tried to put it in gear. It's like the transmission refuses to roll the vehicle backwards, and once it engages it's like getting run over. Even if I press the brake pedal, the car jumps back a lot.

jodi p am 09.08.2021

I love the outside, not the inside.

This car only looks like a lemon when it comes to the interior and how the car was put together. No engine issues. It's a very difficult car to drive with lots of squeaks and rattles. It was halfway through the first year we had it in the shop and we properly reinstalled the entire interior.

Keith B on February 20, 2022

It's very complicated to use and I often don't know how to make it work the way I want it to.

And many times the manual says to go to Cadillac's website for more information on how to make the car do what you want it to. It's a great example of putting more power than the average driver can handle and putting technology in the vehicle simply because they can.

Jan Gaertner on October 19, 2021

seat control hazard

As my husband was driving on a main road, the driver's seat controls began to move on their own, pushing him forward towards the steering wheel. It's very dangerous, he couldn't move the bench and thank God he broke his left foot.

(Video) 4 Symptoms Of Low Transmission Fluid

Barry Brett on October 9, 2021

Not built like an expensive car

Absolutely not. I had a Buick Enclave before this one, much better finished, much quieter. The XT5 does not have fasteners for the passenger side floor mat, so it bends and needs to be replaced every year. On my third: Oh, and Cadillac Canada doesn't give a shit.

Stacy Jones am August 11, 2021

Must buy new tires after 2 years.

I would definitely not recommend this vehicle. After only having the vehicle for 2 years and only 20,000 miles they said the treads on the tires are low and I need to buy new ones.

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Geoff Piehl has an MBA from the University of Illinois Springfield and has been reporting on industry trends for many popular automotive websites for over two years. He is a long-time content creator for the IB Auto Group and, along with his contributions to the vehicle's history, his signature can be found on Club Lexus and Ford Trucks.

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