Troubleshoot the Windows logon process (2023)

Sometimes the computer turns on as expected, the Windows logon screen appears, but then something happens. Your computer may freeze, restart on its own, or just stop and not respond to any of your actions.

You can see the login screen, but nothing happens when you enter your password. On the other hand, you can log in, but then Windows crashes and you have to restart manually. On the other hand, Windows may appear to start up, but the desktop never appears and all you can do is move your mouse over a blank screen.

Regardless of the details, this is a troubleshooting guide you can use if Windows boots most of the time but you can't log in, or if your desktop never fully loads.

There is alsoSolutions for a computer that won't turn on.such as resetting components on a computer, checking for short circuits, and testing the power supply.

How to fix problems with stopping, freezing and restarting when logging into Windows

The following steps apply to Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP:

  1. Start Windows in safe mode. If it starts completely, justrestart your computerfrom there as usual and check if Windows starts correctly.

    A failed update or a single boot process can sometimes cause problems with stopping, failing, or restarting the login process. Often all Windows needs is a clean boot in safe mode and then a reboot to fix the problem.

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  2. Start Windows with the last known good configurationif you have Windows 7 or Vista. (Later versions do not have this feature.) This will return the driver and registry settings to the state they were in the last time Windows successfully started and shut down, and may return the computer to normal operation.

    Of course, this will only work if the cause of the Windows login problem is related to the registry or driver settings.

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    It's safe to try Safe ModeDoLast Known Good Configuration, because the valuable information stored in the registry that enables the Last Known Good Configuration to function properly is not saved until Windows has successfully started in normal mode.

  3. Repair your Windows installation. A common cause of Windows crashing between the login screen and successfully loading the desktop is that one or more important Windows system files are damaged or missing. Windows Repair replaces these important files without deleting or changing anything else on your computer.

    Installing Windows XP Repair is more complicated and has more downsides than Startup Repair found in newer Windows operating systems. If you're using Windows XP, it's best to wait until you've completed steps 4, 5, and 6 before doing this.

  4. Start Windows in Safe Mode thenuse System Restore to undo recent changes. Windows may crash, stop, or restart during the logon process due to a corrupted driver, important file, or part of the registry. System Restore will bring all these things back to the way your computer was running, which may solve your problem entirely.

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    If for some reason you are unable to enter Safe Mode, you can also run System Restore from withinstartup settings(available for Windows 11/10/8 atAdvanced startup options). Windows 7 and Vista users can access safe modeSystem Restore Options, available inAdvanced startup optionsmenu, but also from the Windows 7 or Windows Vista installation DVD.

    System Restore cannot be undone if you do it in Safe Mode, Startup Settings, or System Restore options. You might not mind since you won't be able to access Windows normally anyway, but it's worth bearing in mind.

  5. Scan your computer for viruses, again from safe mode. If you're having trouble getting that far, you can roll up your bootable antivirus programsfor some virus checkers even without access to Windows. A virus or other malware may have caused a problem with a part of Windows that is so specific that login fails.

    (Video) Windows Logon process - Windows Server Management and Security

  6. CMOS wise. Wiping the BIOS on the motherboard resets the BIOS settings to factory defaults. Bad BIOS settings can be the reason why Windows cannot get to the desktop

    If clearing the CMOS resolves the Windows logon issue, make sure you make any BIOS changes one at a time so that if the problem reoccurs, you'll know which change caused it.

  7. Replace the CMOS battery if the computer is older than three years or if it has been turned off for an extended period of time.

    CMOS batteries are dirt cheap, and batteries that are no longer charged can cause all sorts of strange behavior at any point in the boot process until the Windows desktop loads.

  8. substituteEverything that is possible on your computer. Reinstalling your computer will restore various connections on your computer and may resolve a problem that prevents Windows from starting up completely.

    Try reinstalling the following hardware and see if Windows fully boots:

    • Reconnect all internal data and power cables..
    • Replace the memory modules.
    • Replace expansion cards.

    Disconnect and reconnect the keyboard, mouse, and other external devices.

  9. Check for an electrical shortin your computer. Sometimes an electrical short is the cause of problems during the Windows logon process, especially reboot loops and hard freezes.

  10. Test the RAM.Free memory test programs.make it easy. If one of the computer's RAM modules fails completely, the computer won't even turn on. Usually, however, only part of the computer's memory fails.

    If system memory is unavailable, your computer may freeze, stop, or restart at any time, including during or after the Windows logon process.

    replace the memoryon your computer if the memory test shows a problem.

    Make sure you have done everything in your power to complete the troubleshooting steps up to this point. Steps 11 and 12 are more difficult and more destructive solutions for failing to fully boot Windows. You may need one of the solutions below to solve the problem, but if you haven't been diligent in troubleshooting so far, you can't be sure that one of the simpler solutions described above is not the right one.

    (Video) How to install Window..💯💯 | 🤔Showing- interactive logon process intialiaization has failed |🖥🖥
  11. Test the hard drive.Free Hard Drive Testing Toolsmake it easy. A physical problem with the hard drive is certainly one of the reasons why Windows may not boot completely. A hard drive that cannot read and write information correctly cannot load the files needed to run Windows.

    If the tests show a problem, replace the hard drive. You must perform a fresh installation of Windows after replacing the hard drive.

    If no problems with the hard drive are found, then the hard drive is physically healthy, which means that the problem must be caused by Windows. In that case, the next step will fix it.

  12. Perform a clean install of Windows. This type of installationcompleteerase the drive where Windows is installed, and then reinstall the operating system.

    In step 3, I advised you to solve this problem by repairing Windows. Since this method of repairing important Windows files is non-destructive, make sure you give it a try before finally doing a fully destructive clean install at this stage.

Frequently asked questions

  • How to log in as administrator in Windows 10?

    First,enable administrator accountusing the command line. Walk intocmdin the Windows search box; belowSystem symbol, to chooseRun as administrator. Typnetwork user manager/active: yesthen pressWalk into. You are now able to log in with an administrator account.

  • How to remove login password in Windows 10?

    (Video) how to interactive logon process initialization has failed 100% works 2022

    Disgustingremove windows passwordin windows 10 opencontrol paneland chooseUser's account. To chooseMake changes to my account in computer settings>login options. belowpassword, to chooseChange, enter your current password and selectNext. Change your password or leave this page blank if you don't want a Windows login password.

  • How to log in to Windows 10 without a password?

    if youWindows 10 blocked, try resetting your Microsoft account password, which will also change your Windows sign-in password. Or chooserestart passwordand answer the security questions to reset your password. A clean reinstall of Windows 10 is the last resort.

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What is error code 0XC000015B? ›

0XC000015B – "The user has not been granted the requested logon type (aka logon right) at this machine".

What is the Windows logon process? ›

The logon process begins either when a user enters credentials in the credentials entry dialog box, or when the user inserts a smart card into the smart card reader, or when the user interacts with a biometric device.

What do I do if my computer won't let me log in? ›

Sign in using Safe Mode
  1. Restart your device by selecting Power > Restart. ...
  2. After your PC restarts to the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart.
  3. After your PC restarts, you'll see a list of options.

What process is responsible for handling Windows logon? ›

Winlogon.exe is the executable file responsible for managing secure user interactions. The Winlogon service initiates the logon process for Windows operating systems by passing the credentials collected by user action on the secure desktop (Logon UI) to the Local Security Authority (LSA) through Secur32.

How do I fix error 0x000000000? ›

How to Fix the Microsoft Store Error Code 0x00000000 in Windows 10 & 11
  1. Run the Troubleshooter for Windows Store Apps. ...
  2. Enable the Microsoft Store Install Service. ...
  3. Clear the Microsoft Store Cache. ...
  4. Try Some General Windows Troubleshooting Tips.
May 9, 2023

How do I fix error 0x0000011B? ›

The following are helpful steps to resolve the issue:
  1. Check for and install any available updates for Windows. ...
  2. Uninstall any recently installed programs that may be causing the error message. ...
  3. Scan your computer using an antivirus program to check for malware or viruses that could be creating issues on your PC.

What is Windows event log 0xc000006a? ›

What is 0xc000006a - User Logon with Misspelled or Bad Password? 0xc000006a is a failure status code of event ID 4625 – An account failed to log on. Event ID 4625 creates “an account failed to log on,” but it does not explain why it failed.

How do I find my Windows logon server? ›

You can detect the domain controller you logged in using some methods:
  1. With the command prompt: set log LOGONSERVER=\\MUN-DC02.
  2. In the output of the following command: systeminfo | find /i "logon server"
  3. From the environment variable: echo %logonserver%
Jul 8, 2022

How do I check Windows login status? ›

Follow the below steps to view logon audit events:
  1. Step 1 – Go to Start ➔ Type “Event Viewer” and click enter to open the “Event Viewer” window.
  2. Step 2 – In the left navigation pane of “Event Viewer”, open “Security” logs in “Windows Logs”.
Jul 13, 2023

How do I force Windows to login? ›

To do this, make sure your PC is turned on. Next, press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete combo on your keyboard. This should force the sign-in screen to appear. Ctrl + Alt + Delete is a Windows keyboard shortcut initially used to terminate unresponsive applications.

How do I boot into Safe Mode? ›

From the sign-in screen
  1. On the Windows sign-in screen, press and hold the Shift key while you select Power > Restart .
  2. After your PC restarts to the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart. ...
  3. After your PC restarts, you'll see a list of options.

How do I boot into Safe Mode from BIOS? ›

F8 or Shift-F8 during boot (BIOS and HDDs only)

What is the login process called? ›

While authorization and authentication are often used interchangeably, the two different terms work together to create a secure login process. To put it simply, user authentication has three tasks: Manage the connection between the human (user) and the website's server (computer). Verify users' identities.

What is login processes? ›

A sign in process (also known as a log in process) is used to access an application upon authentication. In a typical scenario, a username and password is required to sign in to an application. You can use a Sign In Process to automate the repetitive task of signing in to an application.

How do I manage Windows login? ›

How to manger user accounts in Windows 10.
  1. Click on the Start menu in your taskbar. ...
  2. Select the Settings icon, indicated by a gear. ...
  3. Click on the Accounts tile.
  4. Switch to the Family & other users category using the panel on the left side of the screen. ...
  5. Click on the Add someone else to the PC button.

What is the server error authorization failed? ›

The message 'Authorization failed; wrong auth code' indicates that the authorization code (token) that is used for the transfer is not accepted by the registry. The quickest solution is to request a new authorization code at your current provider.

What is error 0xc0000005? ›

The exception code 0xc0000005 may occur due to a corrupted or faulty hard drive. You can run Check Disk or CHKDSK scan; it will help you mark the bad sectors on the hard drive and fix the drive corruption (if any).

How do I fix error code 0x80010105? ›

Fix 1: Check the Internet Connection

Any unstable or slow connection will pause the updating process hence causing Windows update error 0x80010105. In this condition, you can choose to turn off the router, wait for a while and turn it on again. If this doesn't work, you must troubleshoot your internet connection.

What is 0xc000007b operating system couldn t be loaded? ›

Reasons of Windows error code 0xc000007b

Specifically, you are attempting to start an application which is designed to run on 64-bit operating system. But your computer is running 32-bit Windows. The 32 bit application cannot load a 64 bit dll, thus the mixing up 32 bit with 64 bit environment brings about problem.


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